Omnidesk FAQs


Popular Questions

Can you hold my order until my house is ready?

Do you deliver on weekends or at night?

What is the difference between Omnidesk Classic Straight Edge and Omnidesk Professional Ergo Curve?

What is the address of the showroom and your opening hours?

Flatpack Lead time and delivery timings

What's the difference between Omnidesk Pro and Omnidesk Zero Electric?

What's the difference between Omnidesk Classic PRO and Omnidesk PRO 2020?

General Information

How long does it take to receive my order?

Where do you ship to?

Specifications for Omnidesk / Omnidesk Pro

Can I upgrade my Omnidesk with new add-ons and accessories?

How do I assemble my Omnidesk?

What is the adjustable range of height?

What type of material is it made up of?

Can I add the future accessories to my current Omnidesk?

How is the table powered up? Will I be able to use the table if I off the power for it?

Is the table top size customisable and is it foldable?

Delivery and Assembly

What is flat-pack delivery?

Inspecting shipment for damage

My flat pack has been delivered, can I still get a specialist to help with installation?

How long does it take to receive my order?


What are the modes of payment?

Warranty & Returns

What if the RGB LED lights fail or has problems?

What does my warranty cover?

Monitor Arms Mount

Max weight that the monitor arm can hold?

Can we get the arms independently?

Can it be mounted at the back or the left?

What colour is the monitor arm?

CPU Mount

PC Mount specifications

Can I purchase the PC Mount independently?

Can the PC mount be mounted on the left side instead?

Can the PC mount be mounted on the small table?

Can I shift the PC mount so that it will be able to support a larger CPU

Installation for PC mount.

Speaker Mount

Do the speakers come with a different warranty?

Where will the sub woofer be mounted at?

What kind of speakers do you have?

I have my own speakers (Or same speaker), can I mount it myself or can I just get the sub woofer?

Mounted Power Bar

Is the grommet power bar design available?

What is the mounted power bar?

Would I be able to install more power bars?

How long is the cable length?

Would I be able to move the power bar?

Will the power bar have a connected cable as the table?

What will the colour of the power bar be?

Other Accessories

Do you have a keyboard tray?

What are the RGB lights for?

What is the Nexus Mini mouse pad be like?

How is the RGB Lighting controlled?