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Swop of table top

Kudos to omnidesk team. You guys did a swop for the table top and set it up for me as well.

Would appreciate the fixing instructions or a YouTube video for installation. That will greatly help anyone doing it for the first time.

Nexus - Mouse and Table Mat

Love my work station

Not a gamer but this desk is a life saver for a desk bound work I have. Thank you for making my work at home so much more enjoyable!

Excellent product, right size and texture

No regret, whatsoever!

Bought the omnidesk zero during the it show period. Due to overwhelming demand, the initial delivery date was slated to be 3 weeks after my purchase. However the helpful reps of omnidesk not only helped me to change my order to get a smaller desk to suit my needs but also managed to expedite the delivery to an earlier date. The build of the desk is fantastic and very sturdy. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a study or computer desk. Kudos to the omnidesk team for a wonderful product and customer service!

My New OmniDesk

My new Omnidesk works great. I just wish there were more features for cable management :D

Great desk

Easy to setup by myself, but some of the holes were not pre-drill.
Overall the desk is good, very solid.

I needed a good quality, adjustable desk for a new home office setup (ok, and the odd game) when I arrived in Singapore. I did a lot of research, read all about the problems of cheap (and expensive) desks on the market. I spent time talking to talking suppliers who do large corporate fit-outs here. I also considered importing a desk from the USA as I simply could not find anything of decent quality, was well reviewed, AND could be purchased at a fair and reasonable price. Then I found a local startup called Omnidesk and visited their store.

I've had the desk for a year now - this time last year, only the black option was available and in stock. I see the team have been busy iterating, improving the site and product, offer many more finishes and accessories now. Great stuff guys.

In summary:
- Bang for buck? Omnidesk
- Smooth, trouble free lifting and raising? Omnidesk
- Strong motors that don't overheat or breakdown? Omnidesk
- Want to support a local company and team? Omnidesk

Finally, a few tips:
- I recommend the delivery and assembly option - this was fast and flawless.
- Get the ergonomic curve
- Get a power strip (or two, I needed another one to cable up everything under the desk with minimal cables back to the wall outlet)
- Be careful to clean up any spilled liquid. The surface material feels non-porous and waterproof. Which it is to a point - but if liquid sits for a while it can cause the surface material to bubble/to become uneven. This would is my only complaint, but my fault I won't downrate the review, though a warning may have helped avoid the situation (now you know!).




Best Gaming Setup With Zero 60"

I bought Omnidesk Zero fixed 48" at first..i email them regarding my changes to 60" with additional cost...Very helpful stuff and Quick reply from them that really satisfies me with changes of my order :D I posted my Gaming Setup on this link below!

Perfect desk

Loving the good quality desk . it is able to fit two 32inch curved monitor on it and it is very stable. The delivery was on time , customer service was great all the question that I asked on the mail was replied within the day and was very helpful! Definitely would recommend Omnidesk to my friends and others if they are planning to change or upgrade to a better desk!

Fantastic desk for gaming and work!

Who says work and gaming cannot go hand in hand? Loving my new omnidesk pro setup. It’s easy to install, superb build quality, knowing there is always an awesome customer service support team behind to support whenever help is needed!

Enjoying every aspect of what the desk can offer from top to toe!

Nexus mat

It's was a awesome mat. As good as a razer equivalent.



Excellent service and perfect product.

Best service i have seen so far and the product works great! Would give a 6 stars if possible. I am willing to buy more products from your company again!

Great accessory for the table

It’s definitely a great accessory for the table but hope there will be more colours options in the future.

Omnidesk Zero

Love it!

Item was received promptly in good condition. It was easy to set up and aesthetically pleasing. Love it!

Omnidesk Zero

4 stars

I think a power strip should be made as a compulsory open. Couldn't source for the same black power strip at retailers

Hello Faizal! As existing customers of Omnidesk, you will be able to purchase from our eco system! Just drop us an email regarding the products that you wish to purchase and we will attend to your request! Hope this helps!

Omnidesk Pro

Omnidesk Pro

Good desk

Loving the desk, strong and well built although the instruction manual could have been better if its more detailed!

Awesome Desk :)

It's easy to self-assemble, feels solid and sturdy, adjustment is quiet and fast and it looks good with a widescreen setup!

Some features that I like:
- Super easy cable management with the cable management bar & big grommet
- Smooth ergonomic curve to easily reach for stuffs at either end of the wide table
- Soft start/stop when using the memory preset (so monitors don't jerk around)

Overall I think Omnidesk Pro is definitely a great desk to have as your work/battlestation.

Protip: Use a cable sleeve to wrap up the cables dangling down from the end of the cable management bar to make your setup look neat!

Ideal Desk For Tim

The Omnidesk is ideal for my son (Tim) who uses a power wheelchair because
1) The adjustable height of the table allows Tim to use the table at the ideal position sitting on his power wheelchair;
2) The 4 memory height setting allows Tim to get to his ideal table height for his different wheelchair easily and quickly. He has two wheelchairs with different sitting heights.
3) The cable management and power strip keep the table and surrounding area neat and tidy. It allows Tim to move freely in his wheelchair without worries about hanging cables or wires.
4) The table has nice accessories that are very useful to Tim, the monitor arm has 2 USB ports on the table which allow Tim to pluck external devices easily given his limited mobility, and CPU tray and Earphone hanger keep everything neat and tidy giving him plenty of room to manoeuvre his wheelchair.

The table build quality is good, sturdy and firm.
The table comes in 3 sizes and it allows us to pick the one that is most suitable for Tim's study area, especially Tim needs space to manoeuvre his wheelchair comfortably.
The aesthetic of the table looks very good, simple, professional and functional.

My son, Tim is very happy with the Omnidesk table. The sales person was also very helpful.