Corporate individual scheme

Bringing Omnidesks Into Your Employees' Homes

Amidst the Work-From-Home trends we had over the Covid-19 situation, we would like to take this opportunity to provide an ergonomic workspace for Singaporeans at the most affordable rates. With the huge demand from enterprises for Omnidesk standing desks recently for their work from home staff, we are now ready to open up a special limited time Corporate Individual Scheme for businesses to provide work from home benefits for their employees in terms of discounted pricing for Omnidesks. 

If your business is looking to provide these benefits for your employees, do apply via our CIS application form and our sales experts will get back to you as soon as we can.
** CIS Scheme open for a limited time only.

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Choose Singapore's #1 Sit/Stand Desk

Only the most carefully selected materials are chosen to be coated with our patented finish on our signature tops. Metal alloys with the highest possible tensile strength are used to form the structure of the Omnidesk.

Excellent Customer Service

Every Omnidesk is covered by our extensive aftersales warranty package. We pride ourselves to provide the best Customer Service Experience with every Omnidesk purchased. From presales to aftersales servicing, you are well covered.

Ergonomically Tested For Optimal Office Performance

Designed with ergonomics in mind and suitable for long hours of comfortable usage. We ensure precise engineering from the iconic curved table tops up to even the built of the adjustable feets at the bottom of each Omnidesk.

Direct Sales, Maximum Savings

At OMNIDESK, we bring the desk direct to you with no middleman, enabling us to focus on giving you, the customer, the maximum amount of our budget into a superior desk.

what we offer

omnidesk pro

The Wild Wood Collection

Omnidesk Pro - Custom Standing Desk
  • 3-Section Top Grade Dual Motor (Black/White)
  • 60 - 125 cm
  • Speed 40mm/s
  • Max load 130 kg
  • Tops Option: Hevea and Acacia Solid Wood Tops

omnidesk PRO

The Ultimate Standing Desk

Omnidesk Pro - Custom Standing Desk
  • 3-Section Top Grade Dual Motor (Black/White)
  • 60 - 125 cm
  • Speed 40mm/s
  • Max load 130 kg
  • Tops Option: All and Exclusive Eco Bamboo Tops


Entry Level To Omnidesk Ownership

Omnidesk Zero
  • 2-Section Durable Dual Motor or Static Fixed Height (Black/White)
  • 70 - 118 cm or 73.6 Fixed Height
  • Speed 18mm/s
  • Max load 130kg
  • Tops Option: All and Exclusive Eco Bamboo Tops


"I have always wanted a standing desk as I've been getting back pains from sitting at my desk for long hours due to work.
However, I've been holding off the purchase because I couldn't find something that is well built and affordable, until I chance upon Omnidesk. Immediately ordered 6 units for myself and my employees at our office. Now, we can build even better mobile apps!"


"The overall pricing is probably the cheapest in Singapore and the overall quality is definitely above average. The noise level from the motor is negligible compared to other brands. The movement of the table top is very smooth and not jerky at all. The best part is the feature that it will detect objects and retract a bit instead of keep lowering.

The after sales service is so much better than other products. They responded promptly after i sent my email and arranged one of the engineers to come down on the next business working day."


our corporate clients

Showcasing a small handful of our authentic corporate clients who are proud to be listed as Omnidesk users.
We have disrupted the general mass market, our goal this year is to show companies big or small that providing standing desks and ergonomic friendly products will not require your entire budget.

Join 100+ other companies and boost your employees' productivity with an Omnidesk today.
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