Eco Collection


It's No Recycle, It's Upcycle

Available in 122cm, 152cm, 183cm

Wildwood Collection

Richbrown Hevea

Strength Unrivalled

Available in 122cm, 152cm, 183cm

Sustainability Never Looked So Good

From the humble chopstick to your brand-new statement piece, the Omnidesk ChopValue - Classic is our next step towards a cleaner and greener Earth.

Completely made from upcycled chopsticks collected from all around Singapore, this tabletop is Asia’s First Carbon Positive Height-Adjustable Desk.

From Chopsticks to ChopValue - Classic

The process begins with ChopValue urban harvesting from over 100 upcycling partners - from famed Izakayas to Fortune 500 companies.

Next, the chopsticks are sent to their micro-factory where they’re sorted and coated in a toxin-free resin before going into a specially designed Kiln for 8 hours for sterilization and tempering.

Once properly tempered, the chopsticks are ultra-compressed into highly densified tiles - forming the literal building blocks of the tabletop. The tiles are then handed over to ChopValue’s team of artisans tasked with the curation, assembly and finishing of the tabletops.