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Nice chair to sit.

Fantastic and amazing

The desk was what I wanted to start gaming

Omnidesk Kenshi

Excellent product quality. Very sturdy!

Stable and movement is quiet

Makes standing to work an option now, without having to replace my current table which is still in good condition.


Work as intended

Feels more comfortable standing on Atlas, knees don’t feel the stress as before.

Just purchased the Omnidesk Pro 2020

Items received in good condition, even with CPU placed on top of desk, i still can put in 2nos of 24" monitors and a laptop, the motorized height adjustment is sensitive and yet quiet. Great product, highly recommended !

Great desk and quality feels good

Definitely meets my expectations and what I need right now. I like how it’s sturdy enough to support my monitor arm and camera mount setup without warping.



Simply lovely!

The table top looks absolutely gorgeous and spacious.

Great! Beautiful piece of wood with great finishing. Works like a charm!

Omnidesk Kenshi

It's definitely sturdy and fantastic!!!

Ordered the 48 inch tabletop in white and assembled the table myself. It's definitely big and spacious enough for a desktop to be sitting on it. The assembly process was also a fun and satisfying experience for me!!!

Fantastic quality for wildwood collection

The wildwood collection is for wood lovers at price point that doesn’t goes more then $500 on solid wood top add on option.
Installers are fast and professional, setup under 20mins.

Great product at promo price

Omnidesk Pro 2020

Titus - Premium Desk Mat

Omnidesk Pro 2020

Omnidesk Pro 2020

Omnidesk Kenshi

Fast delivery, great product and great after sales service

Very functional. Great!


It’s been everything I hoped it would be. Great experience and fantastic after sales service too!

Omnidesk Pro 2020