Pronounced “Wildwood plus” The Wildwood+ is not simply a natural expansion of the Wildwood collection, we are introducing an entirely new lineage into the collection - featuring major proprietary improvements that will elevate your Wildwood experience.


With our inch thick table tops, we are all proactively negating even the smallest possibility of warpage with the OmniAirStrips™️. The OmniAirStrips™️ are precision cut spacers augmented underneath selected Wildwood+ table tops. These spacers give the desk enough flexibility and space to naturally expand and contract without running the risk of stressing other parts of the table top. (Only in Pheasantwood Table Tops)


The OmniStabilizers™️ are bars of reinforced steel bars augmented vertically under all Wildwood+ table tops further enhancing our table top’s already best-in-class strength and stability. This major addition is also capable of further reducing wobbles and even removing any possibility of warping. The number of OmniStabilizers™️ augmented per tabletop varies from size to size - with more added for longer table tops.

Improved Grommet Landings

We have also taken the time to improve the Grommet Landings of each Wildwood+ tabletop. The improved grommet landing now runs the entire width of the grommet cut out which makes the tabletop look that much sleeker.


Pheasantwood or Senna siamea is a sacred and rare hardwood variety that is highly revered in South-East Asia. Pheasantwood is found deep in the jungles of South-East Asia thriving in the tropical heat of the region. Once hewn, this wood variety is commonly found in the sacred halls and altars across SEA - from giant Buddhist temples in Thailand to home altars in Vietnam. 

Product SpecsPheasantwood
Available in 3 standard sizes, 48", 60", 72"
WidthLive Edges

*Colours may vary as every piece is a unique piece.
** Live edges for each piece will differ. Pictures are for illustration purposes only.


Our Acacia Wildwood table top has been our best seller since its inception - not only for its world conquering strength but also its design, remincensent of early avant-garde pieces. As such, we are bringing an elevated version of this best seller: The Acacia+. 

Product SpecsAcacia+
Available in 3 standard sizes, 48", 60", 72"
Width76cm (30")

*Colours may vary as every piece is a unique piece. Pictures are for illustration purposes only.