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Omnidesk Kenshi

Omnidesk Zero
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Ethan Y. (Singapore)
It’s a painless installation.

Everything is fine but would prefer zip-lock bags of screws instead of the “cut and open” plastic bag. It would had been a 5 star.

Cherie E. (Singapore)


Elisha T. (Singapore)

Omnidesk Kenshi

Dino O. (Singapore)

It's great, build is solid and stable unlike some other furniture brands like AEKI. Also quite easy to assemble. But, price is a little steep and table height is a little too high in general. Would prefer a smoother matte finish on the tabletop, the powder-coat finish does not impress. Overall, it's quite cool, no regrets. I'm confident it will last.

Germaine L. (Singapore)

Price is reasonable for a still table of this size and quality. Installation was simple but heavy to do it alone. Suggest to include add-on bottom pull-out drawer for people like me who want to make it into a studio table. Let's not waste the 130kg weight that it can take. Cable management can be slightly bigger. Good for working and gaming use.

Catherine (Singapore)
The last desk I'll ever own...probably.

Painless transaction -- from purchase to delivery. The delivery dude was very friendly and helped me bring the packages inside my flat. Opted to set up the desk on my own which in hindsight, was not one of my better ideas since the pieces are pretty heavy LOLs. Setup instruction is pretty straightforward although we did take time to check the online version for confirmation. Love the quality of the materials which feels premium. Desk very sturdy and stable once upright. Defo a good investment for anyone who wants a dedicated area for work and gaming.

Chee W. (Singapore)

Omnidesk Kenshi

Santhosh M. (Singapore)
An excellent desk - well built and clean lines

Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this desk to others.