Home Office Design Tips

For Optimal Performance

Since the start of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people worldwide have changed how they work, with many adjusting to working from home.

Some of you reading this may already have a home office setup. Perhaps it's precisely what you've always wanted, or maybe there's room for improvement.

After all, having an optimal home office design doesn't mean just having a designated workspace with a computer screen. A home office space should help make work something to look forward to. But, to do that, you need a proper setting that will make you feel comfortable while working.

Here are some tips on how to make your workstation more conducive for maximum results!


Where is the best place for you to focus?
For example, it's not a good idea to set up an office space near any children's rooms or the family room because it will distract you.

If possible, have a separate room where you will not be disturbed.

Having a separate room can also expand your options for furniture that can help you feel more productive. But, of course, this room also has to be an optimal size that suits your preference.

Some people like a big room for the airflow, but others like a small room for easy cleaning. It's ultimately your choice, so find out what suits you!

Working in a room with natural light can also really help you fall in love with your home office design. Not only will it help you save on your electric bill, but you'll also get your necessary daily dose of vitamin D in the process.

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Furniture and Décor

Another essential component to home office design is the furniture and setting of your home office.

1) You can uplift your home office design by painting the walls of your home office.

Research has proven that room colour can impact an individual's mood and productivity. So pick a colour that inspires you to accomplish your to-do list!

For example, according to a case study on the influence of work environment on job performance, color is one of the factors that can impact productivity. Cool colors can bring down your mood and lower productivity while warm colors generally uplifts and motivates you.

2) Invest in quality ergonomic furniture.

It will save your body from possible health problems and last longer. For example, do your work on a dining table. You might realize that your body feels uncomfortable after a while.

If you feel tired after hours of sitting at a desk, you can invest in a good study/workspace table, or better yet, a floating desk or an height adjustable desk!

Since these desks allow you to raise your table, you can do your work while standing up! In addition, these desks are also usually wide, which means you can put all the items necessary for your work on your table.

A functional ergonomic desk chair will also help you avoid back problems five years down the line. For this, consider getting a work office desk chair.

A proper desk lamp can also help you a lot when you're working at night. When buying a desk lamp, ensure that you get one that can light up your entire desk.

Wooden shelves can also help organize your work if you have a lot of paperwork and files that you need to keep!

Technology and Desk Accessories

Now, technology is probably one of the most expensive parts of improving the workspace. But it is the part where you will notice the most significant difference!

A few compulsory items are:

• a keyboard
• a mouse or a trackpad
• headset or earphones

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Any keyboard, mouse, or touchpad/trackpad will suffice as long as they are responsive to touch and are not the wrong size or height for your posture. Wireless options eliminate the need for cables, although they do require recharging or battery replacement.

The mechanical keyboard has recently resurfaced in many people's work setups. The feel and sounds of mechanical keyboards can be very satisfying when typing. So keep an eye out for those as well!

A headset is also highly beneficial if you frequently participate in online conference calls or if your house has other people working, sleeping, attending lessons, and so on. Working can be more difficult due to the conflicting noises.

If you're not a fan of the headset, you can opt for wired or wireless earbuds, although many people find the in-ear kind to be unpleasant, if not painful, over time. A headset, on the other hand, lies on a cushioned pad over your ear.

Furthermore, wireless earbuds' microphones often have worse audio quality, making you more difficult to understand in meetings. In a pitch, earbuds are OK; but if you're in meetings all day, use a headset or the computer's audio instead.

An Organised System

A well-kept workstation is a productive one.

Invest in some organized racks, mini-shelves or cable wires to help you keep your desk tidy and practical. Then, create the tools that will aid you in your achievement and progress by using your imagination.

Desk organizers don't always improve efficiency, especially when they're stuffed with invoices or papers from a decade ago. So do yourself a favour and stay on top of your work by organizing your system to what suits you.

A cluttered desk can make your brain cluttered and affect your productivity. Make sure your home office is always neat and your future self will thank you.

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