A Dark Themed Workspace: Inside the Inspirational Omnidesk Setup of @thericebucket

Our Omnidesk feature this week is Benjamin, an artist from Singapore. Known on Instagram as @thericebucket, you’ve probably seen a photo of his dark themed workspace if you are an avid follower of minimal desk setups and other workspace inspiration pages. Let’s have a look at how he does it.

Omnidesk Pro Wildwood Series

It is a very cosy workspace

How do you build a space that feels warm and comfy? Using darker wall colours and wooden themed desks help to invoke feelings of elegance and mystery. Solid wood desks only provide exceptional durability and longevity, but they also add a timeless feel to any space.

Benjamin’s setup features the Omnidesk Pro, paired with the Pheasantwood table top from the Wildwood Collection. With its striking light coloured streaks running through the wood, it’s a perfect blend of light and dark timber for a balanced aesthetic that complements Benjamin’s wooden flooring.

Workspace setup for productivity

A minimalist space designed for productivity.

On his desk, you can tell that everything is meticulously organized, with only essential items occupying the desk. By removing any potential distractions and simplifying the space, it helps to cultivate a sense of calm and clarity, allowing one to be fully immerse themselves in their work.

Workspace setup for productivity
Clean and minimalist desk setup

Pick accessories that match the vibe.

From the desk mat to the speakers and PC, everything on Benjamin’s desk looks carefully curated to deliver a very clean and minimalist look. Plants also help to add some colour and harmony to the workspace and it looks amazing.

Omnidesk cable management

Ultra-organised cable management

Now, even the prettiest setups is not complete without proper cable management. While we love our tech like the double monitor setup Benjamin’s rocking, a mess of tangled cables never looks good. The Omnidesk Cable Management Bar, Mounted Powerbar and Power Clamp are a cable management holy trinity.

An elegant solution to messy cables, they allow you to neatly stow away cables where they can’t be seen. Just make sure to plan out where your cables need to go, and you’ll be able to replicate this sleek setup in no time! Or, if you need a little help, check out our cable management guide!

Omnidesk cable management

We hope you’re feeling inspired after taking a look at Benjamin's setup - we know we are! It’s absolutely perfect for those of us who like darker colours and clean, elegant aesthetics, so make sure to grab what Benjamin used to recreate the look - you can find the list below.

Pro Pheasantwood

The award-winning classic

HÅG Capisco Puls 8020

Aesthetic ergonomic chair


Premium Desk Mat


Anti-fatigue mat


Powerbar made to be mounted under Omnidesks


Custom made desk wheels

Advanced Cable Management Bar

Keep messy wires hidden and organised

Power Clamp

Universal ports power socket

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