Getting to the Root of Our Quality Wood Table Tops

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Wood is one of the world's few natural, sustainable building materials.

The production of solid wood tabletops at Omnidesk uses a cyclical process that harvests and regenerates forests for wood production. Every time a tree is harvested, up to ten trees are planted, and the cycle begins again.

Since wood is a natural resource, it is not toxic and is safe to handle and touch. Wood also ages naturally and does not break down into a material that will pollute the environment.

Keep reading to learn why we love wood furniture and how to pick a good solid wood table top!

Why Wooden Table Tops?

Solid wood tables have always been popular in the furniture-making industry, due in part to the timeless yet chic look these wooden table tops bring.

Research also proves that being surrounded by wood in your house, office, or school positively impacts your health. Some health benefits include a better emotional state; lower blood pressure, and lower stress levels.

That said, solid wood furniture comes in many different types and quality levels.

There are many options out there in the table-making market, such as pine wood furniture, mahogany wood furniture, cherry wood furniture, maple wood, etc.

The colour of the wood also comes into play. It does not come in just one colouration, instead ranging from light reddish-brown to creamy beige; from dark brown to chocolate.

How To Identify The Quality of a Wooden Table Top

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1) Species

Only a tiny percentage of the world's tens of thousands of distinct wood species are used as material for high-quality furniture.

The quality of the wood species is determined by its hardness and density. This is done through the Janka Hardness Scale Test. This test helps determines the wood's resistance to denting and wear.

A higher value indicates a denser/more durable wood, while a lower grade indicates a softer/less durable wood. Wood types with a rating belong 800 should not be considered for furniture making.

So make sure to identify the wood used in the furniture you're buying, then check the Janka Hardness Scale of that wood species on Google.

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In addition, sellers frequently refuse to fix broken products or refund money. Another issue customers have when purchasing online: is not buying furniture in the correct dimensions and sizing due to inaccurate measurements from the seller's end.

And they can get away with all of this because e-commerce firms cannot inspect each product offered due to the large volume of items sold each day.

These are all everyday experiences of the typical online shopper. However, it can be very frustrating when you waste your money and energy buying furniture that you don't want.

So what can you do to prevent yourself from facing this problem? Well, Omnidesk has the solution for you.

Keep reading to find out!

MDF Wood

Omnidesk Pro 2020 wooden desks are made from the highest grade of MDF wood.

The rating for MDF wood on the Janka Hardness Scale Test is around 1200, meaning it is a high-quality wooden piece of furniture that can withstand much force.

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Durable Hardwood

In our Wildwood Plus collection, we have a variety of solid wooden surfaces made from real wood that are beautifully designed to fit right in the elegant aesthetic of your space.

Hevea Brasiliensis

The hevea brasiliensis is a durable hardwood from the maple wood family of hardwoods. Its high tensile strength means that there is very little chance of warping or cracking.

It has natural resistance against fungus, bacteria and mould.

This may come as a surprise to most, but if exposed to fire, hevea brasiliensis would be able to withstand a lot more fire damage than other wood types.

Acacia Wood

Acacia wood is famous for its durability and its water-resistant nature, making it perfect to use as outdoor furniture.

In addition, it is also naturally antibacterial, making fungus infestations nearly impossible for at least a few decades.

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2) Flaws

To determine the quality of wood furniture, look for any cracks, voids, or knots.

Though it's a naturally occurring characteristic of solid wood, too much of it would indicate that the wood furniture is weak.

High-quality furniture manufacturers will use premium timber with only a few knots, voids and cracks to make sure the table is strong enough to withstand the test of time.

3) Wooden Finish Type

The finishing stage can make or break the quality of solid wood. To make your table extra study, a good finish should be applied.

It should be so durable that the solid wood furniture is able to be submerged in a pool and come out unaffected.

A good finish is crucial for solid wood furniture used frequently, such as a work table. You want a solid wood table that won't have water rings or scratches for a long time.

At Omnidesk, every step of our furniture-making process prioritizes the durability of our wood furniture.

The Walnut tabletop selection in our WildWood collection is carefully pressured and kiln-dried to preserve its natural beauty and strength. Our Walnut tabletop is not simply beautiful, it can take everything life throws at it.

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4) Artisanship

The best wood furnishings are usually handmade by masters of the craft. While technology has advanced to manufacture much of furniture-making, hand-made is still best.

Anyone can assemble parts, but true quality comes from people who have dedicated years of their life to woodworking. So make sure to ask what furniture-making process was used to make sure you only receive the best quality.

The Omnidesk team is comprised of experienced and passionate artisans that ensure that our tabletops are of the highest quality. We don't believe in cutting corners.

Instead, we prefer to perfectly preserve every piece of solid wood used in our furniture to ensure all wooden surfaces are one of a kind.

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Get The Best Solid Wood Furniture Quality From Omnidesk!

Make your life easier, and buy your wooden desks at Omnidesk! Our wooden standing tables are carefully crafted so that we set a high benchmark in the minds of our customers.

Our Eco collections are also sustainably produced and environmentally friendly, so there is no need for you to worry about your potential carbon footprint.

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