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First launched in April 2021, exclusively in Singapore, the Omnidesk Ichi (One) collection offers a pair of ultra-premium solid wood table models in honour of the beauty of mother nature. 

This collection is intended to push the Omnidesk brand higher into the world of height-adjustable tables. After the Wildwood collection gained so much popularity, Omnidesk decided it was time to venture into their most distinguished tribute to nature yet.

The Ichi collection of solid wood table tops has allowed us to break into the world of luxe workspaces.

So what is the Omnidesk Ichi (One) Collection?

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The Ichi (One) Collection 

Ichi is a Japanese-derived word meaning one or singularity- perfectly representing the latest collection by Omnidesk. 

Being the natural progression from our Wildwood collection, our Ichi collection pays homage to the stoic monolith of mother nature. It portrays that into a single piece of furniture that elevates your space.

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Tribute to Mother Nature

Keeping in theme with our appreciation for our natural environment, we have a team of artisans and curators that ensure the preservation of that beauty, from using a state-of-the-art vacuum desiccation press to the meticulous details of the finishing touches.

Tribute to Mother Nature

Keeping in theme with our appreciation for our natural environment, we have a team of artisans and curators that ensure the preservation of that beauty, from using a state-of-the-art vacuum desiccation press to the meticulous details of the finishing touches.

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Meticulous Curation

You're probably wondering how we maintain that beautiful pattern on the wood slabs.

After harvesting, our curators inspect every piece of timber, considering qualities like strength, colours and tone. The selected ones are treated within a day to preserve their many benefits while preventing warping and ensuring optimal performance.

Every piece of timber is effectively frozen in time, making it durable in the years to come for your personal use.

Lovingly Handcrafted

Because of the trees' naturally occurring shape and pattern, each desk is unique, making every desk exist in singularity. From the hue to the colour, you'll be able to experience a sense of individuality and a touch of refinement with the Omnidesk Ichi (One) Collection.

The Omnidesk Ichi Collection is available in two different wood options, as can be seen below:

Omnidesk Amé (雨)

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The Omnidesk Ame is made from Rain Trees that are commonly found in the scorching jungles of South America, making it known for being sturdy for surviving the harsh weather in Amazonia.

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If you have seen a rain tree before, you could probably tell how it got its name.

With a wide umbrella-shaped canopy, the Rain Trees have often been used as a space for refuge from rainstorms by indigenous tribes and even other animals.

The timber of a Rain Tree features a rich dark heartwood in the center, lined by a beautiful warm golden sapwood on its outer section, giving it a beautiful and elegant contrast.

Omnidesk Kawa (川)

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Famed for its strength, durability, and elemental resistance, Teak has played a significant role in naval history, shaping world events while standing firm and indomitable against the will of great men and even Sujin, the God of Water himself. 

The Omnidesk Kawa is made from wood commonly sourced from Malaysia and Indonesia, thriving in the humidity of these countries.

Their thick timbers are renowned for their dark heartwood, which has some honey-golden and even buttery tones of wheat and amber in the outer sapwood.

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Unlike Rain Tree timbers,  Teak timbers possess relatively straight and uniform grain structures with occasional pliant streaks to complement the depth of the heartwood while breaking up the monotony.

Through careful preservation and treatment of the timber during production, we can memorialise its famed world-building tenacity while preserving its beautiful designs in all their glory. 

Paying respect to the God of Water Sujin himself, The Omnidesk Kawa has a twist of a river made from Lucite running down the middle.

After the timbers are harvested, preserved and trimmed, the piece is passed to a master Lucite artisan, immortalising the rivers in his pour.

The master Lucite artisan would pour the Lucite concoction into the main crevasse in a single pour to mimic a river. This layer is painstakingly curated for even the tiniest flaws.

After the river is fully cured, our artisans will add the final polish to deliver a perfect finish that enhances the feeling of luxury in your home or office.

Finally, the tables are sent to the master woodworker artisan, who will sand and apply any necessary finishing touches on the desk before sending it to a master curator.

Only the best selection makes it to our showroom offering for potential customers.

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Experience The Omnidesk Ichi via the Exclusive The One Collection Concierge Service 

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Want to experience a one-of-a-kind luxury service that elevates your lifestyle?

As the Omnidesk Ichi(One) Collection only offers a one-of-a-kind piece with every order, a dedicated service has been set up for potential customers!

Interested clients can come down to a private section of the Omnidesk showroom, where a selection of available tabletops would be laid out for you to choose from, inspect, and pay for.

Our Omnidesk Ichi Collection not only adds a touch of sophistication to your life but also versatility because they are compatible with our other Omnidesk accessories, allowing an easy setup.

As this line of premium tables comes with a unique shape per piece, you would have to make an appointment and let them know what type and size you would be interested in.

Contact us to make an appointment today!