The Omnidesk Ascent: Rising Above as Our Next Big Flagship Product

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As a society that's advanced as we are, living through the pandemic has taught us that having a comfortable at-home office is crucial.

This includes more than simply having the correct PC setup, attachments, power outlets, and comfortable chairs – even the desk is crucial.

Working from the comfort of your bed or living room couch may seem like a nice idea at first, but it's not a long-term solution, and with COVID-19 likely to be around for a while, it's past time for everyone to start investing in a decent workstation from the ground up.

Looking for a one-size-fits-all desk for yourself or your child to cater to specific sitting or standing habits?

Consider investing in the Omnidesk Ascent standing desk!

Leveraging the latest in standing desk technology, the Omnidesk Ascent raises the bar when it comes to standing desks.

Keep reading to understand better how the new Omnidesk Ascent can elevate your lifestyle.

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Why Omnidesk Ascent is Your Preferred Choice

Improved Cable Management System

Tired of seeing how messy your wires look all over your desk? Make your desk look organised with the best cable management tools by Omnidesk, designed to effectively simplify any space while keeping connected.

Already integrated with a sleek grommet, the Ascent introduces the new 3-piece Magnetic Cable Tray that gives you simple access to cords while also tidying them up.

Moreover, the Ascent standing desk is also compatible with existing Omnidesk accessories, such as the Zen Cable Management Pack and Advanced Cable Management Bar.

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2) Natural Light and Layered Lighting

Dark corners and dim lighting will make a tiny space feel even more confining. However, if the lighting in a tiny room is done correctly, it may visually lengthen the area and make it look larger than it is.

Other than natural light, layered lighting also has same function, especially when paired with pale coloured walls/decor.

Intuitive Control System

With groundbreaking standing desk technology that caters to your everyday life, the Ascent's brand new proprietary controller has a streamlined design with larger tactile buttons and a crisp OLED screen with unique RGB lighting that can be dimmed on-command.

With no time to waste, this new desk provides the fastest elevation speed in the market for a height adjustable desk of its class.

Instead of waiting for your standing desk to move, the Omnidesk Ascent moves with you.

The controller also allows you 6 presets for quick and easy pre-programmed switching between different height profiles. It's especially a game-changer for those who share their Omnidesk Ascent with others.

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Making Your Life Easy

The Ascent thinks and cares for you thanks to the Omnidesk Life app on your mobile device. With 9 memory presets on this integrated smart app, you're able to control your desk settings for a quick transition remotely.

Track the time you spend sitting and standing with an easy-to-use interface that allows you to customise your choices to meet your workflow.

You can also set timer intervals as a reminder to switch positions for optimal ergonomics.


The Ascent's frame columns are inspired by Roman architecture and serve to elevate both function and form. As a result, you'll have an unwavering support base that's far stronger and more stable.

Because of the structure, these new standing desks has lesser parts to it. You'll experience a more streamlined assembly process, allowing you to install and take the Omnidesk Ascent apart easily with any table length of your choice.

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Quality for Your Entire Workspace

Our classic, distinctive table tops are made of the highest grade MDF wood and are powder coated with a carefully designed finish.

This sleek coating does not merely set us apart from the rest of the pack in terms of decorating.

This micro-textured powder coat surface was developed for mouse tracking, allowing the desk to operate as a huge mouse-pad.

Form and function: who said you have to choose?

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Variety to Suit All Workspaces

The new Omnidesk Ascent can also be paired with the Wildwood collection tabletop for a more sophisticated and elevated overall look to your workspace.

Or pair it with the Eco collection tabletop as a way to support our green initiatives!

Omnidesk Ascent: Elevating Productivity and Aesthetics for Your Workspace

The Omnidesk Ascent can add a touch of elegance and sleekness to your room whilst providing you with top notch quality for premium comfort and ease.

Contact us for more information on all your questions and needs and our exceptional customer service Omnidesk team will get back to you.