Gift Guide 2023: Practical Home Office Gift Ideas

Team Omnidesk

18 December 2023


The season of gifting is upon us! While it's definitely a time worth celebrating, we know how stressful finding the perfect gift can be for some. If you're scratching your head for a Secret Santa gift or struggling to think of something for your office's gift exchange, this Gift Guide is for you. You can find a thoughtful gift for gamers, students, desk-bound professionals and everyone in between here.

The Gift of Care

We all have loved ones around us who deserve more care and gratitude. Sometimes, a warm and heartfelt greeting card is enough. But if you are looking for a bigger gesture, we think these are great ideas:

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Arka Desk Riser ($89)

Know someone who rolls their neck and shoulders every five minutes? Lift spirits and monitors with an elegant desk shelf. The Arka Desk Riser raises screens to a comfortable viewing angle, consequently reducing neck and eye strain. Plus, it adds extra storage to a desk! The Arka Desk Riser is now available in black & white and six solid wood options!


Spark Desk Lamp ($99)

Brighten the nights of hard workers and curious readers. Sleek and minimal, the Spark desk lamp creates the right ambience for work and play with four different colour temperatures. It also comes with a built-in wireless charger– it's practically a 2-in-1 gift!


Embrace Pro ($519)

Give your loved ones a warm embrace with the Embrace Pro ergonomic chair! The long hours we now spend sitting is no longer a surprise. That’s why ergonomic chairs like the Embrace Pro are essential for maintaining a good posture and relieving the tension from your back. With its 12 adjustment points, their backs will be fully supported throughout the day.

The Gift of Joy

Hoping to make the holiday season extra special for that someone? Surprise them with a show of support for their interests and hobbies.

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Nanoleaf Canvas($329)

The Nanoleaf Canvas is the ultimate choice to nurture the creative inner child in grown-ups. These smart light panels respond to touch, react to music and pair seamlessly with a home assistant! The best part? It’s completely up to the recipient’s imagination how they choose to style these modular light panels.

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Creative Pebble V3 ($59)

These small and mighty Creative Pebble V3 speakers are a lovely addition to any desk setup. With its fit-in-your-palm design, it doesn’t take up much desk space. But don’t underestimate these little speakers. Not only do they add aesthetic appeal to your desk, but they also pack a punch with the sound quality. Gamers, music lovers, and desktop movie watchers alike will appreciate this gift.


Logitech G Pro X Superlight Gaming Mouse ($169)

Designed to enhance gaming performance, the sleek and ergonomic design of the Logitech G Pro X Superlight Gaming Mouse will be a hit for the gamers in your life. With its customisable precision and lightning-fast responsiveness, you can’t go wrong with this mouse.

The Gift of Convenience

Do you have a friend who loves a good planner, neat folders, and an organised desk? Or perhaps you know a friend who could use a hand to keep things in order. Whoever it is that comes to mind, these gifts can come in handy!

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Maglet ($15) & Cable Clip ($10)

Simple and utilitarian, these little cable management solutions are perfect gifts for just about anyone. The Maglet offers a stylish way to keep wires and charging cords neat for storage or travel while a cable clip makes accessing wires effortless and minimises cable clutter on the desk.

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Anchor Beverage & Headphone Holder ($39)

For friends and family members who could use a little more grace when handling their hot beverage around tech, the Anchor Beverage & Headphone Holder is a must-have! This 2-in-1 Beverage and Headphone clamp-on holder is also perfect for those who need their coffee close at hand.

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Hestia Mini Desktop Organizer ($79)

To our community, adding personality to a desk space can inspire and spark joy. This modular desk organiser allows for more storage and more ways to welcome personal mementoes to your desk setup without sacrificing space.

We hope our 2023 Gift Guide helps you decide what to get this joyous season! Start shopping and discover our ecosystem of ergonomic desk accessories for yourself, colleagues, friends or family!