How to Choose a Standing Desk:
Features to Look Out For

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It's no surprise that sit-stand desks (also known as stand-up workstations, sit-to-stand desks, or height adjustable desks) are becoming more popular. More people are looking into investing in their posture, and more companies are getting standing desks to increase employee productivity.

There are several reasons to purchase a standing desk (also known as a stand-up desk, sit-stand desk, or sit-to-stand desk). But there are so many factors that one must consider before finding the perfect standing desk.

The most crucial factor you have to know is: what features do you need to look out for in a stand up desk?

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Leg Columns

An essential part of a desk's aesthetics is its leg columns. Like any other piece of furniture, a standing desk can come in various designs. The differences might be subtle, but it does make all the difference.

For example, the Omnidesk Ascent uses unique FRAME-X™️ Technology inspired by Roman architecture for a sturdy and stylish build.

The Omnidesk Pro 2020 on the other hand, uses the standard straight leg column design that is also just as strong and durable.

So make sure you choose a design that suits your preference!

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Omnidesk Ascent
FRAME-X™️ Technology

electric standing desks

Omnidesk Pro 2020

Height Adjustment Speed

A desk's height adjustment speed is dependent on your personal preference. However, most electric desks and tables now change quickly enough to meet the needs of most users.

But if speed is crucial to you, Omnidesk stand-up desks adjust quicker than others.

The Omnidesk Ascent is the industry's quickest height adjustable workstation, lifting 130kg at 60mm/s.

It does all the heavy lifting for you with little effort from your end.

Sit Stand Desks Tabletop

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Another vital consideration you have to make in picking a sit stand desk is the type of tabletop you want.

Your work surface can define the room it's in, so choosing wisely is essential.

Do you want a sleek and modern design? Or would you prefer a classic, timeless wooden design? Omnidesk has everything you need.

If you like a sleek modern aesthetic, our Ascent tables are made from the highest grade of MDF wood in black and white, perfect for the minimal and contemporary style enthusiast.

If you're a big fan of wooden designs, the Wildwood Collection is perfect for you! Our carefully picked solid wood tops come in a range of hues and tones. This means that you will always find the right one for your taste.

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If you're a big fan of wooden designs, the Wildwood Collection is perfect for you! Our carefully picked solid wood tops come in a range of hues and tones. This means that you will always find the right one for your taste.

Ease Of Assembly

Assembling a standing desk can be challenging. Sometimes when you try to build something from scratch, you have to follow instructions in a pamphlet, which can be confusing and difficult for many people.

Or you need extra tools to build it, which is not a practical option if you don't have a toolbox.

So, having a standing desk that is easy to assemble and set up is essential if you want to save your time and money.

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With Omnidesk, our professional team will help set up your desk for you, for a reasonable price! And we guarantee our assembling process will only take about 20 minutes!

And even if you want to try it for yourself, the structure of the Omnidesk stand up desk uses fewer moving parts, which makes assembly and installation super simple. So anyone can do it!

And not to mention, it is still very functional with enhanced structural strength, stability and durability.

Standing Desk Location

Where are you planning on placing your adjustable desk? Is it going to be in the living room of your home? Or do you have a space designated for a home office?

The location of the desk is crucial because you have to make sure the desk's dimensions fit the space you have in mind. But also because you must consider the other people who enter and use that room? Is there a high possibility of damage?

If you have children at home, you might consider purchasing add-ons like the Omnidesk Titus Desk Mat. This premium desk mat protects your desk from future accidents like spills and accidents.

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Omnidesk Has All Your Stand Up Desk Needs!

Omnidesk has a variety of products for today's modern workplace. There's never been a better time to think about getting a sit-stand desk for your office. We have everything you could need with our wide selection of sit-stand desks, chairs, and accessories.

Hopefully, this post has provided you with all the things you have to look out for regarding modern-day standing desks.

Omnidesk's products will undoubtedly positively impact your productivity and posture health. So, look at our vast selection of standing desks and pick the one that best meets your needs.

After all, you deserve the best to do your best, so you should invest in nothing but the best.