6 Benefits of Standing Desk: Why You Should Get One

health benefits of standing desk

With what we know about the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle, it's no wonder why many office workers are looking to incorporate more wellness into their daily lives!

The less time you spend sitting, the better.

That's why electric standing desks are starting to become a staple in the work-life industry. Using a standing desk allows people comfort and flexibility when working, studying or gaming.

You can sit or stand as you watch movies, work or study... They just make your life easy.

Keep on reading to learn more about the benefits using a standing desk can bring!

sedentary lifestyle leads to increased risk of cardiovascular disease

Boost productivity and energy levels

The time spent sitting by your desk for hours every day and staring at your screen can get quite depressing.

Standing desks have been proven to minimise your fatigue while boosting overall mood which shows tremendous results in productivity.

One of the most effective methods to include exercise in our work-from-home setting is to use a standing desk.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Standing desk users can keep their health in check just by standing and being productive. 

If you spend the same time working while standing instead of sitting, you might have burnt an additional 170 calories.

Research suggests that when you incorporate standing (versus sitting) for long periods, it can reduce half the risk of heart disease-related deaths.

Lower blood sugar levels

Generally speaking, you probably know that having high blood sugar levels is not good for your health.

But did you know that slow walking or even just standing at your desk job can reduce your average blood sugar levels throughout the day?

To benefit even more from this, you should spend your time standing or walking after a meal.

Incorporating standing or physical activity while you're glued to your computer screen can increase your blood flow and in turn, may lower your health risks and increase your life expectancy.

office workers office furniture standing desk

Tone your muscles

Sitting for prolonged periods without properly working your muscles can eventually cause muscle problems in the future.

Standing for short periods of time during the day can help to develop your core, leg, ankle, and foot muscles and reduce weight gain.

Improved posture

Just standing at your desk is not enough. You need to have the right posture for it to be truly beneficial to you.

To do so, you need to stand up straight and centre your feet underneath your hips to maintain proper posture. Keep your tailbone tucked in, shoulders pushed back, and your head held high but keep your chin parallel to the floor.

Reduces back pain

It's undeniable that prolonged sitting time can strain your back, neck, and shoulders.

Standing while working has been demonstrated to considerably lessen lower back and upper neck pain.

Omnidesk As Your Preferred Standing Desk

Using a standing desk has been proven to show many health benefits, especially on your mental health.

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