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The Saddle is Omnidesk’s answer to enhancing workspace collaboration. 

Complementary to the Tandem, the Saddle converts the Tandem into a space-saving seating solution when additional seats are required. Roll out the Tandem for a quick huddle when space is limited to complete the objective with minimal hassle.

The Saddle’s plush cushion provides a comfortable seating experience and its magnetic base ensures the Saddle stays secure on the Tandem at all times. You’ll always be prepared to wheel into an impromptu meeting or welcome a surprise guest.

✅ Agile Functionality
The Saddle offers versatility in the workspace by providing an additional seat for impromptu collaborations.

✅ Ventilated Cushioning
A cotton linen fabric envelopes a soft sponge that distributes weight evenly so you can take the load off your legs and back. The fabric surface promotes ventilation to complement Singapore’s heat and humidity.

✅ Magnetic Attachment
The Saddle’s base is lined with a flexible, non-slip magnetic sheet that attaches securely to the Tandem to prevent any slippage.

✅ Fully Compatible with Tandem
The Saddle’s dimensions seamlessly match the Tandem’s base to achieve a complete look. A match made in heaven.


  • Dimensions: 45mm*360mm*500mm
  • Material: Cotton Linen Fabric covered Sponge with Magnetic
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