Omnidesk Ecosystem

Atlas - Anti Fatigue Mat
$89.00 $129.00
*FREE Delivery above $100**SHIP WITHIN 2-5 WORKING DAYS (FOR ITEM IN STOCK)The Omnidesk Atlas, is a specially designed Anti-Fatigue Mat meant for Omnidesks and of course other standing desks. The highly durable cushioned surface help users to red...
Nexus - Mouse and Table Mat
from $79.00
*FREE Delivery above $100**Ship Within 2-5 workings days (For In-Stock items)The Omnidesk Nexus - Intricately crafted to fit Omnidesk powder coated table tops. The Nexus defines the point where everything on your Omnidesk comes together. Securing...
Nexus Mini - Mouse Mat
$39.00 $59.00
*FREE Delivery above $100**Ship Within 2-5 workings days (For In-Stock items)The Omnidesk Nexus Mini Mousepad is the ideal gear and table protection, providing precision, low-friction, durability and comfort at the same time. The Mini -the little...
Power Clamp
$99.00 $159.00
BACKORDERED SHIPS.2ND HALF AUGUST 2020! *FREE Delivery above $100** Assembly is not provided***Ship Within 2-5 workings days (For In-Stock items) Universal ports addon to your Omnidesk to allow easy access to charge your gadgets, change up your ...