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With a vast selection of products designed for better ergonomics and function, create a more active workspace that you’ll love with Omnidesk.

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Excellent after-sales service

Excellent after-sales service

Enjoy dedicated after sales support from our team including priority access to our customer service channels and exclusive corporate warranties on your purchase.

Premium standing desks

Premium standing desks

Our standing desks frames and bespoke table tops are built to last, with high-quality materials and design to ensure your Omnidesk will last (and look good doing it) for years to come.

Bulk-order discounts

Bulk-order discounts

Furnish your office with height-adjustable tables, ergonomic seating solutions, and handy accessories - all without breaking the bank. Contact us for more information on our bulk-order discounts!

Our satisfied clients

We worked closely with Shangri-la Singapore to bring a 5-star ergonomic experience to their business customers. Combining luxurious comfort and ergonomic design, selected Horizon Club Business Rooms can now enjoy a more productive workspace.


Vicinity Studio

Project @ Martin Road

Graphiss Media

Project @ Great World City Office


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What our customers say

"Omnidesk is the epitome of perfection for beauty and functionality. Gorgeously crafted table tops with ultra sturdy desk legs equipped with butter smooth height adjustment motors and accompanied with all the accessories you can ever wish for. Our team uses it daily for work, for team meetings and for client meetings and everyone simply loves it."

Mark Teo
Head of Admin and Sales

"At PRISM+, we've been using the Omnidesk table for our office for the past four years with exceptional results. The adjustable height feature of the table offers versatility in our work environment, leading to improved productivity, health, and engagement.
The sales and service team at Omnidesk are highly responsive, ensuring that we can make a purchase or resolve any issues within 24 hours. Overall, Omnidesk offers the best value for premium adjustable tables without sacrificing product or service quality."

Roger Ng
Head of Operations

"Whilst looking for a desk for the different needs of our users, we chanced upon Omnidesk, which offered the best deal based on our needs. The dual motors ensured that we were able to support users with different office configurations and operated silently. The pre-sales and post sales team were professional and proactive, supporting us through the process end to end. Omnidesk also supported us with a large operations team to ensure that we could have the tables installed within the tight schedule which we had."

Ling Yi
Regional Product Lead

"Our company decided to upgrade all our desks to Omnidesk when we shifted office in 2022. The well-being of our staff is always the top priority and we believe a healthy posture will bring out a productive and effective working habit.
Big thanks to Omnidesk!"

Bryan Koh
Executive Producer

"The Omnidesk tabletop is big and spacious which caters well to our video editing needs where we work with multiple monitors, but the favourite feature that we all love is definitely the height adjustable desk. The option to switch between standing and sitting during work helps to get blood flowing and creativity working!"

Kai Yuan
Co-Founder & Director

"Omnidesk provides reliable tables and support for our video production needs. Our staff of 40 enjoys the flexibility to sit and stand when working for hours in front of the computer. And when things don't work out well, Omnidesk provides next day support to get things fixed!"

Founder & Manager Director

"The overall pricing is probably the cheapest in Singapore and the overall quality is definitely above average. The noise level from the motor is negligible compared to other brands. The movement of the table top is very smooth and not jerky at all. The best part is the anti-collision feature that detects objects and prevents any accidents!

The after-sales service is so much better than other products. They responded promptly after i sent my email and arranged one of the engineers to come down on the next business working day."

Founder of Starlabs

"I have always wanted a standing desk as I've been getting back pains from sitting at my desk for long hours due to work.

However, I've been holding off the purchase because I couldn't find something that is well built and affordable, until I chance upon Omnidesk. I immediately ordered 6 units for myself and my employees at our office. Now, we can build even better mobile apps!"

Founder of Originally Us