Red Cedar Wood

Strong, Resilient, and infinitely adaptable. These qualities make Red Cedar one of the most valuable wood variety in the world.

It is also perfectly analogous to Singapore - and our place on the tapestry of history.

Naturalistic Strength

Borne in the harsh climates of the Pacific North-West, Red Cedar trees stood unflinching against sub-zero temperatures and torrential rain all while competing for survival in a diverse environment. We’ve immortalised its natural strength by carefully pressure-treating each plank of Red Cedar timber before tempering it in a specially engineered Kiln.

Tenacious in the face of adversity

Red Cedar contains a naturally occurring chemical known as “polyoxyphenols” which give Cedar its distinctive and pleasant aroma. It’s also responsible for Cedar’s natural resistance to moisture, decay and insect infestation. Coupled with our meticulous finishing process, our Red Cedar tabletop will last through the decades.


Tough and resilient, Red Cedar is also known for its distinctive red hues that streak across the entire length of the timber. Beautifully rich pink heartwood is juxtaposed by striking splits and streaks of bright red. Creating a tapestry of red shades - both soft and hard.