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The standing desk loved by both the media and users.
“its superior build quality will make it a worthwhile investment for the next decade.”
"The Omnidesk will suit all kinds of profiles, ranging from an investment banker to a pro gamer.”
"...Omnidesk is what you need to tip you over and into the awesome world of standing desks."
"Considering that good quality computer tables cost around the same, and height adjustable ones run into four figure amounts, Omnidesk’s offerings are definitely a great middle ground."
“The Omnidesk, a fully electric .. desk with plenty of customization options that will let you make your workstation truly your own."
“The Omnidesk is a gamer’s dream. And a workaholic’s dream. And a creative’s dr… you get the idea."
You will be spending most of your time working at the desk, so get one that you will make you feel happy and comfortable to be at.”
"For a table of this quality, it’s a worthwhile investment that will help not just your posture, but your productivity at home as well.."
“.. adjust the height of the desk from 60cm to 120cm and save up to four preferred heights that can be easily restored by pressing a button."
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