Omnidesk Essential

Our no-frills electric height-adjustable desk. The perfect entry point for those beginning their ergonomic workspace journey.

Begin your ergonomic workspace journey with the Omnidesk Essential, our no-frills height-adjustable desk.

The Essential is ideal for those who seek the fundamental rewards of a standing desk distilled to its purest form.

What is the Omnidesk Essential?

The Omnidesk Essential is the quintessential gateway into the world of workspace ergonomics and the Omnidesk eco-system! Featuring all our wildly popular functions with our signature form factor, experience the elevation of your workspace with the Omnidesk Essential.

✅ Strong and Stable
Steel-forged, centralised leg columns minimises desk wobble to provide a steadfast experience.

✅ Scratch-Resistant and Spill-Safe
Resilient against daily wear and tear.

✅ Minimal Maintenance
Just wipe it down with a damp microfibre cloth regularly to maintain its fresh look.

✅ Built Gentle For Everyone
Rounded edges protect it against dings and bumps and child-proofs your space.

✅ Compatible with the Omnidesk Ecosystem
Configure your standing desk with our bevy of accessories for an all-rounded ergonomic workspace.

Product Specifications
✅ Min Elevation: 72cm
✅ Max Elevation: 120cm
✅ Desktop Dimensions: 1200mm(L) x 600mm(W) x 18mm(H)
✅ Leg Color: Black / White
✅ Load Capacity: 70kg
✅ Weight: 26.5KG

Why Omnidesk?
✅ Up to 2-year local warranty. *T&C applies
✅ Exceptional After-Sales Support.
✅ Access to the Omnidesk Ecosystem, allowing for a truly bespoke space for you
✅ Excellent QC ensuring the quality of product from fit to finish.