Desk Setup Tips
Desk Setup Tips

Must-have desk accessories to go with your standing desk

Team Omnidesk

29 September 2023

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Getting a standing desk to optimise your workspace ergonomics is a great start to better your focus and health. To get the best experience out of your investment, however, we highly recommend four essential accessories to ensure your effort to promote a healthier and safer workspace will not go to waste.

In this article, we break down the non-negotiables and recommend our top choices so you can save time looking for the right accessories and focus on optimising your desk experience.

Essential Accessories for A Standing Desk 

1. Monitor Arm or Desk Riser


Laptops are not primarily designed with ergonomics in mind, which explains the neck and shoulder strains we often experience after prolonged use. Thus, elevating your screen to proper eye level is mandatory — with more people seen investing in monitor arms or desk risers. These accessories promote a neutral neck position so that you do not tilt your head upwards or downwards for an extended duration.

We Recommend: The Arka Desk Riser or the ARC Stealth Monitor Arm
Why? We are all for woody aesthetics. The Arka Desk Riser is pleasing to the eyes, offers additional storage and supports a load up to 30kg — so worry not about your ultra-wide monitors! Better yet, it is available in six different solid-wood variations!

If you have more than one screen, the ARC Stealth Monitor Arm offers extra flexibility for levelling your screen to a precise height.

2. Cable Management System

Designed by Kirk

For a normal fixed-height desk, an effective cable management system improves workspace aesthetics and reduces stress. For a height-adjustable desk, however, a well-thought-out cable management design reduces the risk of your cords posing a safety hazard. It is not merely for creating a distraction-free zone, but crucial so it does not hinder you when transitioning from sitting to standing. If you are not sure how to get started on cable management, we have put together a beginner’s guide here.

We Love:  The Zen Cable Management Pack
Why? It comes with everything you possibly need! From cable management bar to cable wraps and velcro straps! It’s also available in two colours so you do not have to settle for something out of your current style.

3. Anti-Fatigue Mat

There are plenty of benefits to intermittent standing during long work hours. Nevertheless, standing stationary on cold hard ground creates strain on your feet, joints and back especially if done over a prolonged period. Getting an Anti-Fatigue Mat, in this case, is a must. Not only to prevent discomfort, but for a more ergonomically beneficial and rewarding standing session.

The cushioned surface of an Anti-Fatigue Mat relieves the pressure on your feet, improves blood circulation and engages your muscles. It is the difference between standing with a pair of quality sports shoes and standing sockless on a concrete floor.

Our tip is to go for a non-slip anti-fatigue mat, so it does not distract you and reduces the risk of accidents happening.

Our Top Choice:  The Atlas Max Anti-Fatigue Mat & Floor Protector
Why? Covering a wider surface, this non-slip Anti-Fatigue Mat is made with specialised gel to ensure maximum cushion, support and comfort while protecting your floor. And it doubles as a footrest when sitting!

4. Adjustable Ergonomic Chair

Nick Kendall

The goal is not for you to stand all day but to remain active during your work shift. A standing desk keeps you on your feet and awake, but an adjustable ergonomic chair is also part of the equation for maintaining good posture for those sitting hours. To keep from falling back to poor posture and diluting your effort, opt for chairs with human-centric design. A good ergonomic chair has more points of adjustment to accommodate and support different bodies. We also recommend looking for one with a seat tilt function. It encourages a more dynamic sitting position by engaging your core.

We spoke to a physiotherapist on how to best configure your ergonomic desk and chair you can read or watch here.

Our Go-To:  Embrace Pro
Why? It has 12 points of ergonomic adjustment, 3D lumbar support and tilt function so you can personalise your chair for the best support. Our favourite part is the fun colours you can choose from, and the light and airy German mesh that keeps you cool all day long.


These are the four accessories you should not overlook if you have a standing desk. They lay the foundation for a comfortable and conducive office space, and improve the way you interact with your standing desk. By thoughtfully incorporating these essentials with your standing desk, you can create a home office that supports your overall productivity, comfort and well-being.