All-in-One Omnidesk Review: A Brief Guide on Our Top Tables & Accessories

The Omnidesk™ is more than just a desk for gaming or work.

We are well on our way to achieving our vision of a fully modular platform, packed with ergonomic mechanics and multiple add on features that will allow you to customize your desk with tools to create a perfect setup that is ideal just for you.

Once you purchase an Omnidesk, any future accessories or tabletops can be purchased from our ever-growing ecosystem to upgrade your setup.

However, it may be confusing for you if you're just starting out in your Omnidesk journey.

Check out this handy guide for our most beloved products and you'll be busy building your own Omnidesk set up in no time.

Standing Desks

Omnidesk Pro Standing Desk

Omnidesk Pro is a premium yet affordable electric standing desk in multiple sizes with a wide option of customisation options.

The fully height-adjustable desk allows users to achieve the best and most comfortable position, whether it’s standing or sitting. The Omnidesk Pro 2020 boasts a modernistic overhaul of our controller (complete with a USB port), with new details to enhance your ergonomic experience:
• anti-collision mechanism
• child lock feature
• 4 user-programmable memory presets for different users or your favourite profiles
• custom motor for quicker adjustments

Enjoy a luxurious workspace with our signature table tops are made from the highest grade MDF wood and sealed with our newest coating technology. This specially-formulated, eco-friendly low-cure powder coating is made for mouse tracking, enabling the desk to function as a giant mouse-pad.

We have also engineered the perfect ergonomic curve for the most comfortable standing desk experience. With this curve, you won't get pinched nerves in the long run.  

As with all of our other standing desks, the Omnidesk Pro features modular customisation. This allows you to easily attach accessories like monitor arms or space-saving add-ons from the Omni-verse, such as a headphone hanger or desk riser.

Check out the Omnidesk Pro here.

Omnidesk Ascent Standing Desk

With Ascent, we've taken our extensive research about ergonomics and smart desk technology to the next level, creating a sophisticated product that elevates your experience.

With new controller technology, a complete desk frame and a fully integrated app, our Ascent standing desks elevate your productivity to the next level. All while fitting into your aesthetic, from minimalist to industrial.

New OLED Controller

• Standing desk controller with bigger and more tactile buttons
• Crisp OLED display with bespoke RGB lighting
• Built-in health coach controller to promote healthy desk habits with interval timers
• Smart Dimming to minimise distractions in a dark bedroom

Productivity-Enhancing Features

• New balanced frame with Frame-X™️ Technology to reduce wobbles significantly
• The fastest height adjustment speed from Omnidesk yet for incredible responsiveness to your needs
• Adjust your table height right from your mobile device

Omnidesk Life App

• Save up to 9 memory presets
• Review sitting and standing position statistics and progress
• Fine-tune your desk settings
• Available on iOS and Android

Check out the Omnidesk Ascent here.

Omnidesk Wildwood+ Solid Wood Standing Desk

Building upon aesthetics, durability and quality with major proprietary improvements, the Wildwood+ is not just a natural expansion of our beloved Wildwood Collection.

These solid wood table tops feature an additional 1-inch thickness, a 20% increase from our usual offerings. This significant increase in thickness helps elevate the visual profile of the desk, allowing it to stand out in both form and functionality.

However, Southeast Asia's sweltering tropical climate may make you hesitate to get solid wood as a daily working desk. That's why Wildwood+ features these boosts:
OmniStabilizers, which are reinforced steel bars, augment vertically under the desks for increased stability and strength, reduced wobbliness and minimised possibility of warping.
OmniAirStrips are precision cut spacers that give the desk enough flexibility and space to naturally expand and contract without the risk of stressing other parts of the table.

The straight-edge tabletops feature the gorgeous natural grain of sustainably harvested Acacia and Pheasantwood, ensuring a one-of-a-kind statement piece for your office.

The Wildwood and Wildwood+ collections are available with Omnidesk Pro and Omnidesk Ascent.


Omnidesk Switch Pro

Looking for something a bit more versatile and portable than a table?

Enter our electric standing desk converter, integrated with an intuitive motor to enhance your desk into an ergonomic workspace at just the touch of a button.

The carefully crafted design of the Switch Pro emphasises comfort and a seamless user experience:
Gadget slot: Fit in your phone or tablet for easy task switching, while taking up minimal desk real estate.
Ultra-wide double tier: Keep your essentials close with a main desktop and keyboard section that can hold up to 15kg and 2kg respectively.
One-Touch Controller: Switch from sitting to standing instantly with an effortless controller and integrated motor.
Signature Omnidesk wood top: Superior in quality and strength to ensure longevity and durability.

Get the Omnidesk Switch Pro here.

Omnidesk Cable Management Bar

Cable management can be a headache with a height-adjustable table, especially if your desk has multiple cables that run from the table to the floor.

Our answer to this annoying problem is the Advanced Cable Management Bar. An extendable bar that’ll fit snugly in the grommets of all our table sizes. This results in a cleaner, more spacious desk with all your cables and adaptors tucked away neatly and effortlessly.

Check out our Cable Management Bar here.

Omnidesk Power Clamp

What if your cables don't have enough slack to support different height profiles?

The Omnidesk Power Clamp is a mounted powerbar that allows flexible yet secure positioning on any edge of your desk. For added convenience and accessibility, it also features universal sockets, USB ports and HDMI passthrough to charge up your gadgets.

Check out the Omnidesk Power Clamp here.

Omnidesk Lift

The Omnidesk Lift is designed to help you adopt healthier ergonomic work positions by raising your monitor or laptop to your optimum eye level. This desk riser is height-adjustable (with a maximum height of 140mm), allowing you to customise it to your exact needs.

It comes in a sleek, low-profile black wood top that supports most monitors up to 32" with a max 10kg load. But that's not even the best part.

The Lift also has the increasingly popular Qi Wireless Charging inbuilt. So no more additional cables are required to charge your mobile devices!

Get the Omnidesk Lift here.

Build Your Ultimate Workspace with Omnidesk

Excited to finally build your Omnidesk setup?

This guide should have adequately prepped you with the basics of the Omnidesk ecosystem. Our customisable, future-proof products are an excellent choice for gamers, content creators, PC enthusiasts, office workers - basically anyone who spends long hours at a desk.

Head on over to our main site to explore more!