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Are Solid Wood Desks Worth It?

Team Omnidesk

8 February 2024

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Solid wood tables, with their timeless appeal and versatility, have adorned homes, cafes, and offices worldwide, bringing a unique warmth to any space.

They go beyond mere utility, becoming a reflection of one's connection to nature. The organic warmth they bring can transform a space, creating an atmosphere that is both inviting and familiar.

In today’s blog, we’ll give you the low-down on the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood desks so you can make decisions that align with your style and vibe.

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Pros of Wooden Tables

1. Natural Aesthetic Appeal

Wooden tables transcend mere furniture; they are a fusion of art and functionality. Particularly, solid wood desks are acclaimed for holding a distinctive charm. Their neutral tones and natural grain patterns contribute to an aesthetic that effortlessly integrates into diverse interior styles, making it a versatile and enduring choice.

High-quality solid woods, such as American Walnut, Acacia, Pheasantwood and Hevea, are popular choices to enhance the overall visual appeal of home offices, bringing warmth and sophistication to any workspace. Check out the variety of solid wood table tops in our Wildwood Collection.

2. Durability and Longevity

Solid wood desks are exceptional when it comes to durability and longevity.

Opting for resilient wood species such as oak, walnut, or maple ensures your desk can stand the test of time. The inherent sturdiness and resistance to wear and tear make them a practical choice.

Beyond skilled craftsmanship, the enduring quality of solid wood is a testament to the material's natural strength, offering users a reliable and resilient workspace.

3. Environmental Friendliness

Unlike desks made from synthetic materials that require significant energy and resources to produce, solid wood desks are a more eco-friendly choice. Additionally, when well-maintained, solid wood desks have a longer lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing waste. 

Choosing quality over quantity is not only beneficial for your space but also for the planet. So, if making an environmentally conscious choice plays a part in your decision, explore our solid wood desks and learn more about our approach to sustainability.

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Cons of Wooden Tables

1. Susceptibility to Damage

Like any wooden furniture, it is susceptible to scratches, dents, and water damage. These are often an inevitable part of a table's life and can be mitigated with the protective measures.

Dents and water damage, if not addressed promptly, could compromise the wood’s structural integrity. Now that you are aware of these vulnerabilities, there are easy preventive measures you can consider, such as:

  • Investing in a cup holder and placemats to protect the surface.
  • Wipe spills immediately, and consider using desk polish as an additional protective coating to keep its lustre.

2. Colour Changes

Solid wood has a propensity to change colour over time. It is a natural ageing process induced by exposure to light and air. So, don’t be surprised if your solid wood desk takes on a slightly different shade a few years down the road. This unique feature of solid wood adds character and authenticity to your desk, showcasing the dynamic nature of live wood.

While we advocate embracing the solid wood’s natural ageing process, here are some maintenance tips to make its lustre last:

  • Use Wood Polish Products: Furniture polish not only helps maintain the wood's original hues but also nourishes the surface, enhancing its overall appearance.
  • Regular Cleaning: Regular dusting, done in the direction of the wood grain, prevents particles from accelerating colour alterations and maintains the wood's natural texture.

3. Maintenance Requirements

As we briefly touched upon in the previous points, solid wood desks require slightly more maintenance than alternative materials. To keep its lasting appeal, it needs regular cleaning, polishing, and seasonal care.

Take our fan favourite Pheasantwood table top from our Wildwood+ Collection, for example. We made sure that its finishing is resistant to water damage and scratches for an extended lifespan.

Although it requires more care, a maintenance routine preserves the natural aesthetic and longevity of the wood and prevents warping and cracking. These are some ways to care for your solid wood desk:

  • Regular Cleaning and Polishing: Use a soft, damp cloth for regular cleaning. Apply a furniture polish to enhance the wood's natural shine.
  • Seasonal Care: In tropical climates like ours, using a dehumidifier can be beneficial to mitigate excessive moisture absorption by the wood; in drier regions, using a humidifier can maintain optimal humidity levels and prevent warping.
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In A Nutshell

Solid wood tables are more than just pieces of furniture— they're expressions of craftsmanship and modern design.

While they need more care, solid wood desks and table tops stand out for their timeless aesthetic appeal, durability, and eco-friendly qualities. The warmth it adds, coupled with its natural resilience, makes solid wood a worthwhile choice for your everyday spaces.

Check out our Wildwood Collection for premium solid wood table tops. With a wide variety of wood species, you are sure to find a desk that serves a purpose and reflects your style.