Introducing the Omnidesk Core, an ergonomically designed stool that gives you absolute freedom of motion while providing a stable resting surface. Simply lean back on the Core for an active seating experience, the posture actually has all the benefits of standing while greatly reducing the strain on your limbs.

Our advanced free-floating pivot embedded in its weight base allows for a complete 360 range of motion; from rotating, tilting and even pivoting so you can find the most ergonomically perfect resting position just for you. An inbuilt handle makes this sleek stool extremely portable, perfect for collaborative work environments while its soft weave fabric ensures long-lasting comfort.


  • Air-Lift System - Easy to reach button allows you to make a wide range of on-the-fly adjustments.
  •  Non-Slip Weighted Base - Provides a solid foundation so you can safely pivot, tilt and lean
  • Made Just for You - Find your perfect height with the Core’s Air-Lift system. 
  • Bespoke posture - With such a wide range of motion, you can find your perfect posture on the Omnidesk Core
  • A Return to neutral - Smooth 360 degree rotating, tilting, pivoting and recentres after every use. 
  • Omnidesk Compatible  - The perfect ergonomic companion to your Omnidesk 
  • Breathable fabric seat - Soft, stain-resistant fabric delivers better airflow


  • Seat Size:  370mm(L) x 410mm(W) x 520-720mm(H)
  • Weight: 13kg
  • Weight Capacity: 113kg
  • 1 Year Warranty
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