Omnidesk Ecosystem

Nexus - Mouse and Table Mat
The Omnidesk Nexus - Intricately crafted to fit Omnidesk powder coated table tops. The Nexus defines the point where everything on your Omnidesk comes together. Securing everything on your Omnidesk from keyboards to speakers and also provides you ...
ATLAS - Anti Fatigue Mat
$89.00 $129.00
The Omnidesk Atlas, is a specially designed Anti-Fatigue Mat meant for Omnidesks and of course other standing desks. The highly durable cushioned surface help users to reduce fatigue and dull aches that comes from extended hours standing on hard s...
Nexus Mini
Sold out
The Omnidesk Nexus Mini Mousepad is the ideal gear and table protection, providing precision, low-friction, durability and comfort at the same time. The Mini -the little brother of the Nexus - allows you enough space to show off your pristine tab...