Omnidesk Ecosystem

$399.00 $699.00
The Omnidesk Switch easily converts any desk into an active, healthy, height adjustable standing desk. Enjoy the perks of Omnidesk without changing up your current layout or desk. Features Smooth Gas-Spring Mechanism - Heavy duty, smoother hei...
$215.00 $399.00
The Omnidesk Core provide you the freedom to sit in a wide range of postures and change positions easily, while maintaining a stable base as compared to the Axis. Standing for prolong periods is not recommended, hence with the Core, just gently l...
$148.00 $299.00
The Omnidesk Axis - An Ergonomic Full Motion Stool creates a dynamic, healthier way of sitting that promotes good posture while making sitting fun and enjoyable and also integrates well with a standing desk environment.  The Axis is specially con...
Lift Classic
$69.00 $139.00
The Omnidesk Lift Classic is an adjustable tempered glass riser, designed to help you adopt healthier ergonomic work positions by raising your monitor or laptop to an optimum eye level. The Lift Classic exudes contemporary vibes with smooth edges...