Ascent Desk Controller

Anchoring the Omnidesk Ascent is our all-new controller that empowers users with a myriad of improvements such as improved tactility and even the integration of the Omnidesk Life companion app.

Experience a smart desk that will reimagine how you see the modern workspace - from the way you interact with your desk to a redesigned aesthetic.
✔️1st Ever Integrated Smart App: Omnidesk Life
✔️Brand new exclusive controller with an exclusive silhouette
✔️Crisp OLED screen
✔️Effortlessly track and show off your sit/stand stats
✔️Set custom interval sit/stand reminders

Experience the generational leap in standing desk technology with the Omnidesk Ascent today

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*Ascent Desk Controller add-ons is only applicable for Omnidesk Pro 2020