Battery Pack Coffee Table (Promo)

Achieve a tidy, cable-free space while maintaining the ergonomic benefits in your living room. Equip your height-adjustable Caturra coffee table with the Battery Pack.

A full charge on the rechargeable Battery Pack will power your Caturra for up to a week wire-free.

❇️ Compact device that can be easily mounted on the underside of your desk
❇️ Charging alarm and LED status indicator alerts you when the Battery Pack is low on power
❇️ Overheat and over charge protection
❇️ Rechargeable lithium ion battery for multiple usage
❇️ x1 USB-A port to charge your handheld devices

Technical specifications
❇️ Capacity: 2.2 Ah/53 WH
❇️ Nominal voltage: 24VAC
❇️ Discharge currents: 9A
❇️ Max charge voltage: 40V DC
❇️ Charge current: 0.5A

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