Minimal Desk Setup Inspiration for Filmmakers with @_diditee_

Team Omnidesk

13 October 2023

Declann's Omnidesk Workspace Setup (2).jpg__PID:d01bf0e8-4dfd-43e8-9287-587bbb2cbbe1

In this article, we turn the spotlight to filmmaker Declann Drostan Tan’s editing workspace. Known as @_diditee_ on his social channels, Declann creates content around filmmaking and tech.

Setup Evolution and Creative Growth





Declann used to work on a cramped and cluttered desk. While it had served him well, his fixed-height desk brought some downsides:

I can’t take the long hours sitting, slouching and straining my lower back. I’ve even started kneeling on the floor at one point because of how low my desk was.

He eventually invested in an Ikea desk, and now he’s upgraded his setup to the Pheasantwood Omnidesk Ascent.

My setup is more than just a desk or a nice monitor... It's been my territory as a creative for so many many years. The purpose of that first setup and the setup now is exactly the same. To Make Good Content.

Lending itself to backdrop much of the content he has created, the neon name sign and his Omnidesk setup create and unique and iconic look. Let’s take a closer look at Declann’s setup and break down what we love about his editing bay.

A Beautiful Balance of Complementary Hues

Declann's Omnidesk Workspace Setup .png__PID:a73b7f83-dee0-4f61-a361-1f7d4d03361a

The appeal of Declann’s workspace boils down to the use of complementary colours. Using blue led light as a base colour for the workspace, it allows you to focus on the his space, i.e the beautiful Pheasantwood tabletop that stands out nicely in this modern and minimalist workspace.

Using a colour like blue to flatten the rest of the space also minimise unnecessary details, providing a very nice contrast for his product reviews.

Creating Cohesion with RGB

Omnidesk Ascent Smart Controller.png__PID:0d4a5719-9d32-4b49-b2a1-547f7e648420

The RGB borders of the Omnidesk Ascent Controller are customisable through the Omnidesk Life™ App.

There's no denying that the blue neon name sign draws our immediate attention. But other RGB motifs are seen throughout the setup too, tying the workspace together. From the blue backlighting from the hidden Cololight Strips to the RGB borders of the customisable Omnidesk Ascent controller and the orange from the PC.

For filmmakers and content creators, using backlights and monitor light bars when editing can make sure the colours you see on the monitor are as accurate as possible. And loving a darker aesthetic doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice good lighting. Check out our blog on ways to light up your workspace for more inspiration.

Minimal Setup, Maximal Space

Omnidesk Tandem Storage Drawers.png__PID:74fe8871-7661-43eb-b687-6bc278a91b3c

Inside Declann’s Tandem Storage Drawer: Chargers and cords organised with Maglet, magnetic binder.

Minimal setup equals minimal distractions. While Declann now owns a larger desk, his setup is designed for focus, with only a few essentials on display. He's also maximised his desk space with the productive use of vertical and under-desk spaces.

Lifting monitors off the tabletop with a Monitor Arm is not only an ergonomic choice, it also allows more freedom to access and use every inch of the desk. You can set a desk riser beneath the monitors for extra storage space. Mounting the PC below the desk helps avoid a boxed-in desktop too. As for more storage, Declann uses the Tandem Mobile Steel Storage Drawers:

It’s the cool metal cabinet you see in this video. I use it for storing anything I need quick access to like my self-help books, my small lights, as well as cables and tech accessories.

If you need more inspiration on how to do this, check out our blog on how to maximise your workspace in a small home office.

Superbly Routed Cords and Cables

Cable Management.jpg__PID:9293c523-3d05-4796-9bdb-09ec5d7f4cbc

This look is completed with fine cable management— a crucial step that makes or breaks a desk setup. It is also vital for a standing desk to have proper cable management so no cables are strained when you adjust your desk height. Not revealing too much, we can only see a main power cable routed through a cable raceway and a cord or two running down the back wall.

Final Thoughts

We hope @_diditee_’s setup inspired you to elevate yours to the next level. Check out the list below to shop this look!