Desk Setup Tips
Desk Setup Tips

How to Maximise Desk Space in Your Small Home Office

Team Omnidesk

04 August 2023

How to Maximise Desk Space in Your Small Home Office

To enjoy the perks of working from home sometimes means you have to compromise on working in a smaller space. Before you know it, you may find yourself distracted by the loose cable cord on your desk. And where should you put the cup of coffee?

Companies have a clean-desk policy for a reason. With minimal clutter and proper organisation, we are less likely to get distracted and we can streamline workflow with all our essentials readily accessible.

We compiled a list of ideas and tools to help you maximise your desk space and get the most out of your WFH desk setup!

4 Ways to Maximise Desk Space

Setting up a sleek, spacious, and functional workstation at home doesn’t require a bigger desk or a bigger room. It just boils down to two ideas:

  Creating spaces, where you maximise the functionality of existing, unused spaces, and

  Freeing up spaces, where you declutter and designate places for your essentials.

Let’s explore some ways you can put these two principles into practice:

Creating space

Omnidesk Pheasantwood Ascent

Omnidesk Pheasantwood Ascent, Image from Alex Mendoza

Utilise vertical or under-desk spaces

Things that lay flat on your desk take up a lot of real estate. An easy solution is to capitalise on vertical or under-desk spaces. If you have a PC setup, instead of having the CPU on the tabletop, you can tuck it safely and neatly away below your desk with a PC mount.

For an easy, and fuss-free installation, you can check this PC mount for your CPU.

Opt for wall-mount or clamp-on accessories

In a small space, never underestimate any corners. Clamp-ons are perfect for creating additional space and maximising the often unused corners of your desk. They are versatile and allow flexibility in placement.

We recommend the Hestia Desktop Organiser, a clamp-on desk organiser which can help you effectively utilise your vertical space.

If you have a monitor situation going on, you can check out the Arc Stealth Monitor Arm, which comes in single or double. An adjustable monitor arm not only helps create more space on the desk but has many ergonomic advantages too.

Leo Matis Pheasantwood Setup

Omnidesk Pheasantwood Ascent, Image from Leo Matis

Freeing up space

Invest in a cable management system

Freeing up space is necessary to keep your desk space neat and functional. Our dependence on technologies and our gadgets for work simply mean there will be cables running across our desks. You can easily keep them out of sight with an effective cable management system.

If you’ve been looking for a cable management system, we can’t recommend the Zen Cable Management Pack enough.

Anchor Beverage and Headphone Holder

Image from Michaela Taylor

Tom Noske Ichi Collection

 Ichi Collection, Image from Tom Noske

Look for multi-functional solutions

Furniture pieces that double as extra storage spaces are always a no-brainer for small spaces. For example, you can have your drawer unit act as a side table. But multi-functional solutions don’t always have to be a big furniture piece. We personally love the Anchor Beverage & Headphone Holder!


Keeping your desk orderly and clean, may require a little creativity and the use of modern tools in a small space. But ultimately, it comes down to sparing 2-5 minutes each day to upkeep your desk space and keep things organised!