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The Timeless Elegance of a Solid Wood Desk

Team Omnidesk

18 August 2023

How to Choose the Right Wooden Table Top for Your WFH Setup

Richbrown Hevea | Photo by @8thchapters

Wooden furniture are a classic and timeless choice. They display warmth, style, and elegance, which can fit into any home decor style, from traditional to modern. However, one of the concerns that come with owning wooden desks is how they age over time.

It is a common fact that wood undergoes changes over time due to its natural properties and other external factors. In this blog, we will explore how wooden desks age, why, and how to maintain them.

What Causes Wooden Desks to Age?

As time passes, wooden desks undergo a natural process known as oxidation, much like a fine wine maturing with age. Responding to temperature fluctuations, humidity, sunlight exposure, and other environmental elements, wood undergoes captivating transformations. These shifts may manifest in changes like colour and warping.

However, the aging process of wooden desks is not all bad, and carries an enchanting allure of its own. Some people even prefer the look and feel of a well-aged wooden desk, perceiving it as a timeless charm with unique appeal.

Omnidesk durable wooden table top

Natural Hevea

Explore new characters in colour change

Brand new wooden desks will have a bright and fresh finish with vibrant colours that make them the centerpiece of any room. But here's where the magic lies - due to their natural behaviour, wooden desks undergo a mesmerising metamorphosis of colours over time.

Basking in the sunlight, the wood gracefully lightens in colour, while wood placed in shaded areas become deeper and richer. As the wood ages, it gracefully embraces its environment, developing a captivating patina that gives it a unique character and personality.

But that's not all — our interactions with the desk also play a vital role. Accidental drink spills, when left for long, can leave behind colourful imprints, turning the desk into an ever-evolving canvas that preserves your best memories. Coffee rings, wine stains, and mysterious liquids all become part of its unique artwork.

Wood also change in shape as we do

Wood, much like humans, undergoes a captivating metamorphosis as it interacts with its surroundings. Just like us, wood breathes and adapts to changes in temperature and humidity, symbolising its vibrant spirit of life. This natural dance of expansion and contraction shows its resiliency and constant growth.

However, this beautiful evolution can sometimes lead to tiny cracks forming on the surface of the desk. Don't worry though, it's all part of the wood's journey of transformation. These slight changes, such as bowing, cupping, twisting, or warping, occur over time, influenced by the varying levels of humidity or moisture in the room.

In response to dry air, wood may gently shrink, while denser, humid air may encourage expansion. As a result, the table may gently warp, reflecting its adaptability to the environment. It's a reminder of the desk’s lively nature, capable of withstanding life's challenges with grace!

Omnidesk durable wooden table top

Acacia Plus

Preserving the timeless charm: Caring for your aging wooden table top

Taking good care of your wooden desk can gracefully slow down its aging process and safeguard it from potential damage. Here's how you can ensure your wooden top continues to shine with timeless beauty:

  • Gentle regular cleaning: Clean the desk regularly using mild soap and water. Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners that may strip the finish off the table.
  • Avoid direct sunlight: Keep the desk away from direct sunlight to prevent bleaching and drying, and preserve its rich colour and natural allure.
  • Protect against heat and liquid: Use coasters or placemats to shield the desk from heat and stains. Wipe up spills promptly and avoid leaving hot or wet items on the table for extended periods.
  • Maintain stable conditions: Create a stable indoor temperature and humidity level to protect the wood from warping or cracking.
  • Preserve with a protective finish: Apply a protective finish or wax to the desk to seal the wood. Regularly reapply the finish as needed to maintain its fresh and vibrant appearance.

You can look on more on the Do’s and Don’t to effective clean your wooden desk here.

In conclusion, wooden desks offer both beauty and functionality, making them an exquisite addition to any home or office. By understanding their aging process and following simple maintenance practices, you can relish the beauty of your wooden desk for years to come.

With Omnidesk, you can have peace of mind knowing that your wooden desk is made of sustainable and durable materials such as Acacia , Acacia Plus, Pheasantwood, Natural Hevea, Richbrown Hevea, Walnut. These wooden tops are specially designed for ergonomic and adjustable to use as per your comfort. Embrace the charm and warm ambience of wooden tables, and let them gracefully age alongside you.

Omnidesk durable wooden table top